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Nothing makes me happier than a super cool, mis-matched, yet cohesive looking styled ear. I always get so many questions about my mis-matched earrings and how to create a similar look, so I thought I would share some tips and tricks to creating your own unique style.

Good Things Take Time
Yes, you can totally go out and drop big $$$$ on building an amazing ear stack, but most of us are not in the position to do so. Plus, I personally think one of the best things about jewelry is buying it during momentous occasions; because then, when you put it on, you are reminded of that moment. I love shit like that. So don’t rush the ear stack, have a game plan and slowly build it with time.  


1. Build Around Everyday Pieces
Start with a staple piece – you either have this piece or it is top of your wish list. Style this piece in your first hole with the intention that it will set the vibe for the ear. And when I say ‘staple’ that is not to be confused with ‘basic’, the staple is the piece that you covet, hard! It's the piece that always stays in, no matter what you’re doing that day.

2. Creating The Mis-Matched Look
Now, we get to build on the staple piece and determine a theme. It is all gold, all diamonds, mixed metals, diamonds and emeralds? Whatever it is, whatever you love, select a theme go for it! Now, there are no hard rules when it comes to the game plan, but here are a few tips and tricks to help:

  • Start with the biggest, boldest, longest piece in the first piercing and get smaller or keep it a similar size as you work your way up the ear.

  • Try to keep the length and weight similar on both ears, opposed to having one chunky ear and one that is really dainty. Instead, mix the chunky and dainty pieces to create better symmetry.

  • An easy way to create cohesiveness is by styling earrings with similar settings; the majority of my earrings are designed with 3-prong settings – a personal fav of mind because I think it’s so feminine, and the less prongs you have, the more the stone is going to pop!

  • If you have piercings that aren’t perfectly spaced (IYKYK), you can offset it by placing a bolder/wider piece in that hole and use smaller, dainty earrings in the piercings that sit closer.

  • Ear cuffs are an easy way to add some drama to the ear without any piercings. Style one or two of them on one ear, instead of one on each side.

  • BTW. the majority of my earring collection is sold individually, which is essential for creating a mis-matched ear stack. 

3. Make It Your Own

The most important thing to keep in mind when curating a mis-matched ear stack is that there are no rules and the only thing that matters is if YOU love it. So have fun with it!

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Let me know what you think or if you have any questions!