I launched Amanda Klein Fine Jewelry because I was annoyed by the traditional retail markups making fine jewelry unaffordable, as well as the negative environmental impact fast fashion (including jewelry) was having on the planet. I became obsessed with creating a collection of affordable fine jewelry that doesn’t comprise quality or design – and that I did! The AK Collection is handcrafted to order using the finest materials and sold direct to you; eliminating unnecessary middleman markups. 

It's a collection of investment pieces that you can actually afford to invest in and pass down for generations to come, because after all, the only thing that is more special than the jewelry you are wearing, is the story behind it. I am constantly changing my jewelry layers but here are a few pieces that are close to my heart and all have their own special story.  

LOVE SCRIPT NECKLACE I’m a hopeless romantic. I love, love. So naturally I was drawn to this necklace. I had it made as a gift to myself for my 30th birthday and have been in love with it since!

HERRINGBONE CHAIN Some of the most cherished pieces of jewelry that I own are those that are passed down or gifted by loved ones. This necklace belonged to my Grandma Klein and she passed it to me when I was thirteen. I love wearing it because it holds beautiful memories, family pride and bonds.  

PERSONALIZED NAMEPLATE BAR - Personalized jewelry is special because it's unique and always tells a story. My nameplate necklace says, “au petite boneur la chance”, a French expression meaning, leave it to the fortune of good luck. I purchased a plated version of this necklace years ago, it tarnished over time, and because I loved it so much I decided to have it made again. This style is part of our Personal Drop. 

Lots of love,


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